saving the file, she says

“well, it’s finally done. our story.”

her companion: “but that’s not exactly 

how it happened.”

her answer

“well, that’s the beauty in it, isn’t it?”



Her eyes were vacant. She was emptied of her content and broken, like a glass of wine spilled and shattered on the floor. 

He was crazy for her. He would do anything and everything just to see her smile and her eyes shine like they did before. 

The doctor’s word was final. There was no cure for the girl with grey eyes. She had lost her spark. She would live but, as she was now empty, she wouldn’t be feeling much anymore. She wouldn’t be able to feel wonder, or curiosity, and her creativity was snuggled out. She would no longer be able to build entire worlds inside her head like she did before. Her life force was gone. 

It would be more surviving than living, but, she was breathing, she was standing. 

Even if her heart wasn’t beating. 

She tried to go about her normal routine; get up, go to work, come back home. 

He was by her side every second he could. 

And then one day, she cut her finger by accident. The blood trickled out and she realized that it didn’t matter. She didn’t care, because she hadn’t felt it. 

And then she decided there was no point. 

He never saw it coming. One minute, she was by his side, and the next, she was fading away. 

He found her on the roof. The wind was strong up there, ruffling his hair and his clothes and making him feel a bit cold. She was there, standing at the edge, looking down. 

He tried to reason with her, make her believe they could find a way, a cure. 

“You heard the doctor”, she said, her voice cold and lifeless, as if the topic was the weather, “there is no cure”.

“Please, don’t do this. I love you.”


He sighed. She couldn’t understand. There was only one thing he could do. His adoration for her was immense, and he knew he’d be lost without her. 

“If you’re going down”, he stated with a firm voice, “We go down together”.

She turned to look at him. His eyes were big and sincere. 

“You’re not alone. I’m with you.”

He closed his eyes and jumped off the edge of the building. 

In a matter of seconds, she knew she couldn’t allow this to happen. A tiny flameignited inside of the girl, and she started forward. 



It was the first time in a long time that she started to feel again. 

Her hands grasped his arm as he was beginning to fall and she pulled him back so hard they both fell on the ground. 

She looked at the boy beside her and felt the tiny flame burn higher and higher. Hear heart began to beat faster than ever before. Suddenly thousands of lights, images, words, sounds, smells, and sensations and stories and characters washed through her, and it was like she had found her voice again. She was not silent anymore. 

Her soul began to sing again. 

The boy was shocked. He looked at the girl and was overjoyed. Her eyes were not vacant anymore. He could feel the fire burning within them. Her life force was given back to her. 

“You’re back”, he said, holding back tears. He looked at her in wonder and realized he could see all of the universe in them, all of the worlds she had created. 

“You woke me up”, she said. He smiled and she kissed him. 

“I love you too.”

Of how a writer found her voice again because of love.