Let it go

You didn’t realize
That things were piling up.
You didn’t see it coming,
The heartbreak,
The dark clouds looming
In the sky.

Now there are tears in your eyes
A weight on your shoulders
You can’t see the light
In the end of the story
You’re so afraid to fall

The old plan isn’t gonna work here…
So make a new one

Take this dead weight from you
And let it all go away
Let the wind take everything
That ever dragged you down

I know how it feels
My whole life I felt
Like I had to feel
A certain way

My whole life I carried this weight in me
My soul was chained

Now I let it all go
It was never for me to carry
It was never my fault
I have to let it go

Take these old wings of yours
And take flight
Don’t worry
Good things are coming
Just be free

Let yourself be taken by the wind…



and with it
the light
floods me

the dark
of the past
is away, far
from my head
from my heart

gone is the
black water
by the heat
of the sun

in this moment
i forgive
i forgive

in the midst
of a storm
to treat the

but after
when the sun
comes from
its hiding
rise again

do not stay
in the darkness
for too long
cry but let go
scream but let go

the warm light
will always
rise again
this is a certainty
you must know.


What I did was out of necessity. I had to let go of some things that were dragging me down. I had to choose what is right and wrong for me, so that i can focus. To see clearly, to bring out only the best to the light. 

That’s why I cleaned out my closet. 

Donating clothes is like allowing the time associated with them to finally go away. To accept you’re not the same person that wore that shirt, so it no longer reflects who you are. And if doesn’t, you can’t keep wearing it, like a mask. You have to be honest with yourself. You have to let it go. 

That’s what I did yesterday. I looked at every single piece of clothing in my wardrobe and asked myself, “am I still this person? Does this still make me myself?” If yes, the piece stayed. If not, then it was goodbye. 

It made me feel so light, like there was nothing stopping me now. Like I was free. 

So everything illuminated. 

A grey day

The rain is falling 

Gently caressing 

You don’t know what you did to me

You don’t know how that affected me

You don’t care and you don’t realize

And I’ve been killing myself 

Trying to find a reason why 

But now the rain has run its course

The sadness and rage are over

What you are to me is nothing 

Nothing more than a memory

Nothing more than a lesson

My heart was broken and I fell

But this is not the end of me 

All this hate inside of me 

I let it take over me

But no more

I let you go 

I finally let you leave my mind

Never to come back again

I finally see what I was missing 

The sun will shine once more.