the dots in the corner

coloring the frame

it’s a wide space

where people never go

never stay

for long

for some reason i earn for the mountains

covered in frozen teardrops

that fell from the sky

it’s so unrealistic

and it has nothing to do with me

the dying white

of a place i’ve never been

but still my veins beat

and i dream.


Spiraling out of control

What should I do?
What should I aim for?
I hate it
I love it
The uncertainty
The call
Is lulling me
Into sleep deprived thoughts
Should I emerge out of these illusions?
So many roads
And so many sins I need to
Atone for
Humility is a challenge
So I continue weeping
Waiting for someone to find me
Waiting for the apology
That will never come
We all have our heavy crosses
But still we go on
And I can’t stop now that I’ve begun
So feel the water run its course
And move on
Even if your track
Spirals out

give me an illusion

why oh why did i
let myself be
so vulnerable
why did it have to be this way
any words you say
an ice cold knife
why can’t you just
believe in us
feed me a lie
just once in my life
i wanted to believe
everything would be fine
i never asked for this
if i was alone
i wouldn’t hesitate to run
but you’re in my bones
in all i do and see
so can you please be gentle
and tell me we’re gonna
be together forever
i can’t bear the thought
of us apart
i would survive
but i wouldn’t live
i hadn’t realized
until now just how much
i care
i ache
to tell me you love me now
is not enought
it doesn’t make it hurt less
if i fell would you leave me
completely alone?
couldn’t you at least try?
i know who you are
but this lack of faith
is like a knife stabbing
through my heart
i never realised
i was this weak
so please just tell me
it’s going to be okay.