Don’t give up

in the dark, you ask to see
but it seems like no one can
hear your desperate plea
so you want to give up
but there’s so many things
to consider so you can’t
let it go, you have to keep
running even if you can’t
see where you are going
just have faith that you will find
put your headphones on and ignore
the rest, just keep moving
forward without stopping
handle this weight like a
champion did once in the past
hold it like no one else can
for you, like you are protecting
innocents from having to do so
so keep putting one foot in front
of the other, in the dark
you asked to see but actually
you should ask for strength
to keep going.

carpe diem

the old saying goes
if you don’t know
just enjoy it
everything will turn out fine

but maybe we won’t be fine
and the sky will fall on top of us
maybe we’ll trip over a rock
and the road will split

but i can’t think about it now
i can’t worry, you say,
so i try my best to stop myself
from trying to read the stars

so just come with me
even if our walk is clumsy
i will try my best not to let you fall
we’ve got at least this end

taken care of


i love you, you know, and

i’m super scared of

the feeling that you 

provoke every time

you look at my eyes and

tell me you love me. 

i’m scared of the feeling i get 

everyone you go silent

but tell me everything 

is fine. 

i can’t bring myself 

to believe it. 

i’m scared of when 

you shut yourself down.

but, as scared as i am,

i have to ask you something 

do not lie to me,

do not break my heart. 

because i love you, but 

i’ve lived alone for so long

that i know exactly what to do

if things go wrong. 

don’t take me wrong,

it was a necessary guarantee

for me to be secure 

in the knowledge that

i can survive 

without you. 

yes, it is exactly what an 

insecure person would do. 

but i, as an insecure girl,

needed to be reassured 

by myself, so that 

i have somewhere to go,

if (when?) my primary 


is no longer you. 

but be sure that i truly do

i love you. 

Remembered era

I stare at the door. 

It’s open, and it will close 

for me for the last time. 

I’m afraid. 

I’m thankful. 

I’m complete. 

The time I was here 

Has ended. 

Now I just have to 

close this door. 

I hesitate. 

So much time. 

For so long I was here

and it seems now 

it made it harder 

for me to let it go. 

So I take a deep breath, 

preparing myself. 

This is my last goodbye. 

Maybe I’ll come back here someday. 

But for now it’s farewell. 

I close my eyes 

and I try to remember 

all the good and the bad times

I’ve lived in this place. 

This wonderful,

unforgettable place. 

Nothing can ever take these


away from me. 

I open my eyes 


I close the door. 


all those days
all those nights
those moments in time
those steps i had to take
as i look at the sky now
it seems like the end
somehow it’s an era
that’s finishing
something is missing
but i’m going to miss this
and everywhere i go
i will forever keep this
but now it’s the end
of a time i was innocent
of a time i didn’t know
what it was like to stay
under the light all alone
the support will always
stay in my soul
but when i go out there
but when i’ll be in the
line of fire, i’ll be
completely alone
because there’s no one
that can do this for me
so this is the end
but it’s also the