Full circle

I was looking at old photos again. It seems that, everytime something major in my life is changing, I get this urge to look at old pictures and compare that time with the present, and also imagine what it would be like to travel to the past and what I would change. I know I can’t go back and stop certain things from happening, or do things I wish I had done before. But this exercise makes me remember who I am now and why. Everything that I’ve been through.

Now as I’m in a phase of transformation, of endings, of begginings, I feel this urge more than ever. I often catch myself thinking about high school and the freshman year in college, meditating about all the people I’ve met and had to let go, and all the achievements I reached.

But today I feel differently… Like some of the things in my life have come full circle.

In the past, I always used to worry about being alone forever. Now I know I’m never going to be alone. Even if I end up living completely by myself, I’ll never be alone, because my friends and family will always stay in my heart. Their love will never leave me. The happy memories will also be here, they’re engravedĀ in the stars, never to disappear.

So now I’m feeling nostalgic and, at the same time, hopeful.

Here’s to tomorrow.


Pure bliss

A Winter wonderland is a sight to admire. Everything is white, everything is cool, and all is okay with the world while those delicate snowflakes fall from the sky. 

Making a snow angel, running, playing, snowball fights, jumping and rolling in the snow and the speed of gliding on the ice… I’ll never forget that. I’ll never stop wanting more. 

And I have a message for you all who are experiencing winter with snow in your town. 

You’re damn lucky. 

Where I live, it’s really hot. Like 30 degrees Celsius (pleeeease don’t ask me to do the conversion to Fahrenheit! I suck at it), and at some cities it’s even 40 degrees. We’re at summer right now. 

I had never seen snow before I traveled. 

So maybe some people prefer summer. But you can bet that, whenever I feel bad, or stressed, or like the world is going to end, this trip to a snow filled place is what I’m going to remember. Those blissful memories are going to comfort me and make me smile. Because I had never had this much fun with my family in my life. It was a dream. 

I’m back from this trip, but those days are in my heart forever.