This is the end of a journey. We are now in a stage where all we can see is the night, pitch black, with only the moon to guide us as the sole light. We are almost at the top. The way was so rocky, just like we know it. But in our hearts, we all know it was worth it. All the suffering, all the crying, all the strength employed in this hike, all of it had a meaning, and it’s just so beautiful. Holding hands, we are all destined for something greater, for something that will launch us into a new world, a new view, a new sky… We will be free, finally. We will be able to live our lives the way we want it. 

But this is not just the end, and we know it. We are aware that there is a way much harder than before, waiting for us after this milestone. But just like a child filled with wonder, we will brave this way with curiosity. Just like an innocent child, we will look at the scorpion and think it pretty because it is shiny. And we’ll be disappointed, and sad, when things don’t go the way we expected. But we will heal and move on to even bigger things. We will transcend this reality that we were born in, and fly higher than ever before. We will win. 

So this is the end. But it’s also the pilot episode of this new season of our lives. 



all those days
all those nights
those moments in time
those steps i had to take
as i look at the sky now
it seems like the end
somehow it’s an era
that’s finishing
something is missing
but i’m going to miss this
and everywhere i go
i will forever keep this
but now it’s the end
of a time i was innocent
of a time i didn’t know
what it was like to stay
under the light all alone
the support will always
stay in my soul
but when i go out there
but when i’ll be in the
line of fire, i’ll be
completely alone
because there’s no one
that can do this for me
so this is the end
but it’s also the