I Love You

i’ve never felt this way before
never had a reason to fight
but you are the only exception
you make me want to rise to the challenge
i have always lived by myself
thinking i did not need someone else
but you came along and you melt
the ice around my heart
now i have a reason to keep going
i can not let you go easily
i am going to fight for you
even if it takes a thousand years
i will never give up on you.



Hey guys, this is Andressa, the owner of this blog. I just want to pause and marvel at the beauty that you, reader, are. Thank you for reading my writing that I put here. I know that it doesn’t always make sense, or that sometimes it’s a little crazy. So I’m grateful to you, for you have inspired me to be better. 

And also, never forget who you are. We are more than just one thing. There is no one-word definition for us. 

Once again, thank you. 


I don’t have a solution
I don’t know how to fight it
The urge was so great
I could not stop myself

Now the guilt is waves of dark mass rolling around the corner of my room

The shadows whisper cutting through
The carefully woven fabric of my doing
Flowers are dead and ethereal stars
Are exploding in my head

Should I give up
Maybe I shouldn’t fight it if I can’t
Because what am I going to do
Every time the urge comes and I can’t control myself
I can’t keep feeling this guilt
Just because I can never get enough of it

I just want to live.


after everything
standing in the light
but for the first time
i am not alone
yes i am scared
yes i am cold
and the dark
is not gone
i can feel it
under my skin
but in your eyes
so deep
so sweet
i can be free
i can be me
in your arms
i am safe
and there is
nothing to
fear anymore.