and so the storm fell
in a heap from the sky
in an all-encompassing sound
shaking the foundations of the earth

and the neighbors never saw it coming
but i had seen it before

one of those days i looked up
and willed the rain to fall
it took a while but when it did
i felt avenged
because the silver drops wouldn’t stop
just like the tears in my face

and i don’t care how it sounds
and i don’t care how it makes me seem

i reveled in the rain
in the pain
in my brain
in my thoughts going astray

and if you ask me how it was
i’ll tell you it was



you are my family
my blood
part of my history
growing up

so why don’t you care?
why do you stay there
watching as we suffer
no, things are not fine
this is far from over

but all you care about
is this picture perfect

you can’t see,
but we’re fighting the dark
every single day

but you never even
bothered to look, did you?

picture perfect

alone at night
i close my eyes
and i imagine
what it would be like
if we could dance
together in
a palace in
the clouds

alone in the light
i feel my heart
stop beating and
i feel like i’m
the day away
waiting for
to happen

but i’m still alone
the red still runs
and the tears still
fall down the path

yes i’m still alone
but i relax in the
wave and i let it
take me away

away to a
palace in the clouds.


than everything
this world represents
than everyone
fitting in
it made us bleed
dripping green blood
it’s not red, no
it’s not blue
but rather a different shade
and this diversity
make us stand out
so we just die
a little inside
and the clouds
never seem to recede
inside the outskirts
of town
oh why can’t we be free
oh why this injustice
can’t you see
we’re just like you
we bleed too
even if it drips in
a different color
we cry too
all we do is cry
all we do is fight
every hour of


what does it mean
to waste my life?
why can’t we focus on
enjoying it,
why do we have to do something,
to feel we’re worth the space we occupy
in the universe?
the stars do nothing
but exist, and
nobody questions their place.
they are born, exist, then die,
and yet, even if their existence
didn’t add on anything to the world,
it was still bright,
it still shone,
it was still so beautiful.