Don’t give up

in the dark, you ask to see
but it seems like no one can
hear your desperate plea
so you want to give up
but there’s so many things
to consider so you can’t
let it go, you have to keep
running even if you can’t
see where you are going
just have faith that you will find
put your headphones on and ignore
the rest, just keep moving
forward without stopping
handle this weight like a
champion did once in the past
hold it like no one else can
for you, like you are protecting
innocents from having to do so
so keep putting one foot in front
of the other, in the dark
you asked to see but actually
you should ask for strength
to keep going.


too much expectation
i don’t care anymore, i’ve been
weighted down one too many times
by those guilt filling eyes

so i’m gonna take my stuff
and i’m gonna gather my courage
to finally leave this place behind
to by my own rules live my life

i no longer care about what you think
because this is me, this is who i am
if you don’t like it, better leave
you wouldn’t change for me either

so the reason i’m leaving is this
my heart was broken and shattered
because i was trying to please
but none of that ever mattered

not to you, no, never even did
all you cared for was for someone
to fix you, but i’m broken myself
so i’m gonna put a stop to this.

dark trees

are you there?
are you okay?
do you want me
to leave?
please say

a lot of things happening around us
but you
stay hidden
behind the cover
behind the fog

the black forest
lays on top of me
darkness threatens
to overwhelm everything

please say something
please tell me
where is the wound
so i can heal

don’t be silent.

carpe diem

the old saying goes
if you don’t know
just enjoy it
everything will turn out fine

but maybe we won’t be fine
and the sky will fall on top of us
maybe we’ll trip over a rock
and the road will split

but i can’t think about it now
i can’t worry, you say,
so i try my best to stop myself
from trying to read the stars

so just come with me
even if our walk is clumsy
i will try my best not to let you fall
we’ve got at least this end

taken care of

Crystal clear (edited)

Another time,
Another day…
This moment now
Is when comes change.
And hear the horses,
Speedily running,
Never stopping,
Like time itself,
Crystal clear…
Who are the people
That promised they
Would never change?
Take it back,
The winds of
Never go away…
So what now?
Each step is new
And time is growing
Even older.
Since the beginning,
I look in the mirror
And I can see
Crystal clear
And even if
The reflection is new,
And even if
The scene around me
Is not the same
As before, I know
There’s something inside
It’s the horses company
In the winds of time,
It doesn’t stop
But it’s permanent,
Forever bound to my soul
The essence
Will forever be
The same.

Originally written in September 14th 2014. Edited in May 11th 2017.


and with it
the light
floods me

the dark
of the past
is away, far
from my head
from my heart

gone is the
black water
by the heat
of the sun

in this moment
i forgive
i forgive

in the midst
of a storm
to treat the

but after
when the sun
comes from
its hiding
rise again

do not stay
in the darkness
for too long
cry but let go
scream but let go

the warm light
will always
rise again
this is a certainty
you must know.