Crystal clear (edited)

Another time,
Another day…
This moment now
Is when comes change.
And hear the horses,
Speedily running,
Never stopping,
Like time itself,
Crystal clear…
Who are the people
That promised they
Would never change?
Take it back,
The winds of
Never go away…
So what now?
Each step is new
And time is growing
Even older.
Since the beginning,
I look in the mirror
And I can see
Crystal clear
And even if
The reflection is new,
And even if
The scene around me
Is not the same
As before, I know
There’s something inside
It’s the horses company
In the winds of time,
It doesn’t stop
But it’s permanent,
Forever bound to my soul
The essence
Will forever be
The same.

Originally written in September 14th 2014. Edited in May 11th 2017.


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