Not okay

Thank you for telling me the truth
Thank you for showing me
How differently we see this thing
Between us

It doesn’t make it hurt less
It doesn’t make it okay
I’m not okay
I’m not okay

You destroyed my view
A whole castle came down on me
I guess I was giving this
More importance than it was worth

How can I fight for us
If you’re not in it with me?
I’m still waiting for you
To take those words back
And say you’re sorry
How pathetic I am
I’m just a stupid girl
Who thought she could recognize love

You were sincere
But sometimes I wish you just lied
So this bliss wouldn’t be broken
So we could have a chance
Did you never hear the saying
“Fake before you make it?”
What’s so wrong with believing
It could work out?
Are you that afraid of hurting?
With your ice sharp words
You killed a dream
So cruelly
Don’t you feel any guilt?

Every time I see you
The moment is stained
You stabbed through
Wearing a white shirt
But the red is everywhere.


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