What if things are not okay at the end?

What if you’ve worked so hard but you never achieve that thing you’re looking for?

The peace I’ve always wanted may not be coming at all. I’ve given my blood, I’ve given my body, my mind, my everything for it, and in the end I may not receive it.

What kind of world is this?

“Work hard”, the posters say, “and your dreams will come true”. But I’ve worked for so many days and all the good it did was give me a few health problems and a little practice on something so specific I may not be able to use it at all. What experience is this?

And she – the boss – wants me to stay longer in this job, to postpone my leave! Are you f***ing kidding me?

My chest hurts. I’m too stressed out. I can’t sleep properly. I have big challenges coming in college. My senior thesis isn’t going to write itself.

The answer is NO, Miss!

No way I’m staying longer than necessary. I’m running and never looking back.

There has to be something better out there for me.


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