What I did was out of necessity. I had to let go of some things that were dragging me down. I had to choose what is right and wrong for me, so that i can focus. To see clearly, to bring out only the best to the light. 

That’s why I cleaned out my closet. 

Donating clothes is like allowing the time associated with them to finally go away. To accept you’re not the same person that wore that shirt, so it no longer reflects who you are. And if doesn’t, you can’t keep wearing it, like a mask. You have to be honest with yourself. You have to let it go. 

That’s what I did yesterday. I looked at every single piece of clothing in my wardrobe and asked myself, “am I still this person? Does this still make me myself?” If yes, the piece stayed. If not, then it was goodbye. 

It made me feel so light, like there was nothing stopping me now. Like I was free. 

So everything illuminated. 


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