Remembered era

I stare at the door. 

It’s open, and it will close 

for me for the last time. 

I’m afraid. 

I’m thankful. 

I’m complete. 

The time I was here 

Has ended. 

Now I just have to 

close this door. 

I hesitate. 

So much time. 

For so long I was here

and it seems now 

it made it harder 

for me to let it go. 

So I take a deep breath, 

preparing myself. 

This is my last goodbye. 

Maybe I’ll come back here someday. 

But for now it’s farewell. 

I close my eyes 

and I try to remember 

all the good and the bad times

I’ve lived in this place. 

This wonderful,

unforgettable place. 

Nothing can ever take these


away from me. 

I open my eyes 


I close the door. 


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