Pure bliss

A Winter wonderland is a sight to admire. Everything is white, everything is cool, and all is okay with the world while those delicate snowflakes fall from the sky. 

Making a snow angel, running, playing, snowball fights, jumping and rolling in the snow and the speed of gliding on the ice… I’ll never forget that. I’ll never stop wanting more. 

And I have a message for you all who are experiencing winter with snow in your town. 

You’re damn lucky. 

Where I live, it’s really hot. Like 30 degrees Celsius (pleeeease don’t ask me to do the conversion to Fahrenheit! I suck at it), and at some cities it’s even 40 degrees. We’re at summer right now. 

I had never seen snow before I traveled. 

So maybe some people prefer summer. But you can bet that, whenever I feel bad, or stressed, or like the world is going to end, this trip to a snow filled place is what I’m going to remember. Those blissful memories are going to comfort me and make me smile. Because I had never had this much fun with my family in my life. It was a dream. 

I’m back from this trip, but those days are in my heart forever. 


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