Once upon a time there was a girl
Who didn’t believe much
In herself
She loved to hear the sounds of the sky
But she never thought she could be able to fly
So she just stood there and let life pass by
Always waiting for someone to save her

One day,
There was a hole in the road she was in
And she had to jump to get through it
It wasn’t very big but it was enough
To make her move
She made her move
And the sky started to shift
As the clouds parted to make way for the sun
And the girl moved
And she walked toward the light
And the obstacle was soon forgotten
But not its lesson given to her

And when the girl arrived in her destination
She noticed there were more steps to climb
But she was tired and worn out
So she just laid there
Looking at the stars
But she did not stay still for long
For now she was another person entirely
But at the same time never changing one bit
And when the time came she moved

She believed she could
So she made her move
And the stars shifted
To make way for her

So when the stars seem too far to reach
And even if you can’t seem to believe
Just move, just move, just make your move
And in the end just lay with the stars…


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