we have to find a balance

Lately, I’ve been really tired, wanting to just drop asleep anywhere I’m at. Everything was just pooling around me. Then I decided I was going to gather my life back together. Not that it was screwed up, actually I’m really grateful. It’s just that it was a bit messy, the light kind of mess, which makes you not want to notice it for a while, and then you push it to the back of your mind and then you forget about it. Yeah. But then it started to bother me so I decided to straighten some things in my life. Like, for example, using my free time to study and write more. Not for hours, no, starting with just a half hour here, a half there, one step at a time. Or solving minor problems in my internship program, which revealed themselves not to be problems after I looked to solve them. 

I guess that sometimes we look at the big picture too much, and we feel overwhelmed. It’s like cleaning a very messy house, you can’t expect to complete it in just one go. You have to clean each room at a time. 

Now back to work. 


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