I am me.

I am not a label. I am not a color. I am not the clothes I wear, or how much money I have, or my hair, or the color of my skin. I am not my sexuality. I am not my parents or my brother, or anyone else in my family. I am not my boyfriend or my friends. I am not the way I walk, the way I eat, sing, dance, study and exercise. I am not the gestures I make. I am not my stories and poems or any text I’ve written. I am not an INFP-T. I am not a quiz result. I am not a grade. I am not my chosen profession. I am not the music I listen to or the movies and TV series I watch.
I am all of that, combined, and more. So much more. I am so much more than all of that.
One thing only cannot define me.
I am big, and I am small. I’m a piece of the universe.

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